BOSTON, MA —Artaic, leading mosaic manufacturer that uses robotic technology and innovative design tools to customize, design and fabricate award-winning installations, announces a Custom Mosaic On-Demand Program, a new initiative in response to the global supply chain disruption. The new program will feature 15 color palettes specially curated by Design Director Kait Paradowski, who determined the color choices based on industry trends and color stories that have shown best results in Artaic’s mosaic creations.

“In an effort to prepare for this initiative and reach our goal of leading the industry in lead time, we ramped up in sampling, design, and production, and acquired additional warehouse space to meet market demand,” says Ted Acworth, CEO and founder of Artaic. “This program will allow designers and specifiers versatility in custom creation and unique designs without sacrificing deadlines to do so.”

With the new Custom Mosaic On-Demand Program, Artaic is able to offer:

  • Rapid renderings in curated colorways using either custom imagery or collection designs
  • Same-day sampling
  • Innovative Production Process for Vitreous Glass in ½- and ¾- inch sizes
  • Inventory on-site in Boston for domestic mosaic manufacturing that’s made to measure
  • Individual colors availableas quick ship solids or blends in two to four weeks

“For this program, using Vitreous Glass was an obvious choice – not just for its versatility, but it offers a wide range of luxe color and finish options that are easily customizable,” said Kait Paradowski, Artaic’s design director. “For the color stories, we’ve seen earthy tones at the forefront – hues of blues, greens and neutrals – that bring serenity but also spark conversation.”

Through this program, mosaics can be created using a designer’s artistic inspiration, or choose from Artaic’s award winning design collections, including their latest collections, Lasting Rugs and Flourish.  With Artaic’s proprietary precision technology, Artaic is able to produce the exact amount of tile needed for the project, significantly reducing the amount of waste created for a project, without sacrificing design versatility. Using Vitreous Glass material, Artaic’s high-quality Italian-styled glass, Artaic can bring designs to life in beautiful detail, with minimal waste, and in industry-leading lead time.

The brand continues to create award-winning mosaics that can be found around the globe, enhancing the design of spaces large and small.